Why I moved out of London

Why I moved out of London

When I first moved to London 3 years ago I was super excited to work in the big city and doing a short course in Fashion. Everyone thinks about moving to the big city and having a fancy job once in their life.

Why I moved out of London

I ended up quitting the course after 3 days, it was a Fashion course in West Ham college, I honestly felt like I was back in school with bitchy kids and the ”short course” I was expecting it to be making clothes and learning new techniques while I was there but it turned out to be an actual college course, only 1 day was meant to be sewing and the rest was doing course work and if you didn’t pass a test to see where are you in the learning part of it on enrolment day you had to do maths and English which when I read online there was no information about that otherwise I wouldn’t have signed up for it.

So I left. Job hunting took quiet some time, it wasn’t until the summer I managed to find a sales assistant job in New Look Stratford 4 months after moving to London.¬†After the summer ended I wasn’t so happy with London, it was getting over crowed but still felt like sticking it out.

In the 3 years I went from moving to Stratford to moving 3 times after ending up in Woodford, thinking if we moved further out from the centre it would help with living in London but it didn’t, the longer commute was a drag, specially finding a seat on the tube was a challenge, as well as rude people budging into you was not for me. I managed to also have 6 jobs in 3 years but more on that on another posts maybe.

I’m not staying London isn’t great, London has everything, you can do so much but I just found for me being more of the quiet country girl, I’m used to the quiet towns, not overly packed places. London became too over crowed and I realised that I was stressing myself out easily and getting anxiety when it came to leaving the house for work because I didn’t want to face it.

Rent in London is crazy over priced and if you didn’t work a full-time job you would struggle.

I am glad to having experience living in the big city and I recommend everyone doing so one time in their life.


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