Why I haven’t posted

Hey there lovelies… as you can tell for the past 27 days I haven’t posted on here and that’s not because of lack of inspiration or less interested to blog at all. Ever since I broke my laptop back in January I’ve been using my boyfriends laptop when ever his been at work for a few months but in the last 2 months since moving out of my parents and into our own space and me still going back up to my parents for majority of the week I haven’t had a laptop/computer to work on.

I have so many posts/content to share with you all but I just haven’t had the time nor the equipment to do it on. So I decided to take a mini break from blogging which I honestly don’t want to be doing but until I get a computer and I can finally fully work on bringing new content every week I need to wait till I have one.

  • Hopefully in a week or 2 I will be able to get my hands on one, still deciding on what I want to get. In the mean time let me give you an update since my last posts on what I’ve been doing and what I will be up to in the next couple of weeks and months.
  • I am still working at my parents while they still find someone to replace me, it has come close to getting replaced but typically people just don’t want to work. So I’m going back an forth from home to my parents every week.
  • Planning a 4 day trip with Nelson for 3 weeks time to go Italy which im excited for. Cant wait to eat the Italian food and visit Italy. 
  • Build a bathroom storage on my own which took over an hour or so, my hand ached like crazy I couldn’t move it for a while but worth it.
  • Came up with a new content for the blog that I can’t wait to start soon and also be able to tell you more what it is.
  • Been editing non-stop on Lightroom, photos for blog and instagram.

Lastly big change that has happened on here is my blog name has changed (yet again) from The Venezuelan Blogger to L!fe Through A Lens. I wanted to find a name that represents me and can’t limit me from blogging different topics. I love taking photos and sharing them with everyone. If you haven’t already check out my Instagram where I’ve been posting every day, some times 2 or 3 times a day.

Once I am sorted and have some where to write again I will be posting back to normal.

oh and Happy Halloween.


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