January 14th 2019

Week Break in Paradise| Madeira

Last spring I took my boyfriend on a short birthday trip to Madeira for his 25th Birthday. Trying to plan and book a holiday in secret is stressful specially when you can’t tell the one person you’re in a relationship with.

Initially I was planning on breaking this post into 2 parts but I felt like it wouldn’t make too much sense in doing so.

The first day we spent it with the in laws, relaxing. The next day we spent it driving around Camara do Lobos and Camacha. we didn’t have any idea on where to go and that’s the beauty of Madeira you drive until you find hidden gems.

On the third day we decided on staying around the Funchal area, going around Miradouro Das Neves in São Gonçalo, Lido and Santa Maria Maior. Miradouro Das Neves is the hot spot to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve/Day, you get the whole view of Funchal.

The Weather on the fourth day wasn’t too good with it raining so we postpone any sightseeing for the fifth day.

On our fifth day we drove around Calheta, Caminho do Jardim do Mar.

Something I always have to do every time I visit Madeira is go to São Vicente, every summer growing up I would spend in it there so it holds a little piece of my heart, its nice to visit.

Blazer from New Look, Bodysuit from Missguided, Jeans from Florentine’s (own collection) and Shoes from New Look.

Our final day was spent rushing around buying Venezuelan chocolates and a few things to take back to the UK with us and soaking up the last few hours of holiday.

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