Two Thousand & Nineteen | New Year, New Goals.

I still can’t seem to believe we’re in 2019 now, so far this year only been to work twice (long story) also wrote the date down for the first time and correctly this year.

Looking back on last year I realise I didn’t make any goals, properly cause I was in the middle of moving out and back in with the boyfriend to save money and think if we wanted to buy or rent again.

While on holiday I decided to create some goals for the year I can work towards and motivate me more.

  • Saving – Try and safe any money I have left in my bank after monthly expensive have come out, so I can start saving.
  • Spend Less – I always have a habit to buy things I don’t need, like makeup, I have way too much and I don’t use hardly any of the makeup I do have.
  • No Eating Junk – I am really bad at eating good. Always wanting a burger or pizza and it needs to stop. Doesn’t mean I can’t one any once a month when I control this naughty addiction, ha!.
  • Workout – I been thinking a lot of what workouts to get me started and I props will start next week once I know my work schedule so I can plan it.
  • Social Media – Start posting on Instagram and Twitter more regular, took a back sit last year which became a problem as travel post would get backdated as I wouldn’t post them on time.
  • Blogging – Work hard on blogging, be part time towards the middle of the year if all goes well. Bring out new content.

Be Happy- I find myself stressing out easily and getting into little moods, I never used to be a worrier and in the last couple years I found myself becoming one and I’m not liking it at all. This is a goal I want to work the most on, being Happy and not to worry as much.

Seeing my goals written down actually feels good, its not overwhelming nor unrealistic, I added a few easy ones and a couple to push myself.

I also decided each month to review the goals and see which one has stuck and also adding a couple monthly goals to motivate and inspire me so we will see how that goes.



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