July 23rd 2018

Trying to gain my motivation back

Ever since my laptop broke back in January my motivation with blogging has gone down hill and its been really hard to get back into while using other people’s laptops. I find myself writing up so many posts idea in my notebooks this past few months then when it comes to writing it up on my blog my concentration just goes out the window.

I do have many reasons for it, the fact that I live with my parents so I get easily distracted either being called to do something or that there is so much food that I tend to pick that over blogging, it can also be the fact that I gotten back into watching an old series from the beginning and I been hooked or I end up starting a post then go on to my blog page and change the colours or fonts and end up doing that then forget all about the post I started and didn’t finish.

I kicking my self up the butt and working on my blog, because I love to write even if I’m not great at writing I still enjoy it, its something I always looked forward to do when I’m home or when I’m out and about doing something interesting and I just want to share it. So I decided to block all of the things that distract me and just try to keep it up.

Here is the ” Office Rules” (this is where I sit and write) that I have set up for myself.

Those are the ”rules” that have so far helped me with getting back into blogging, if you have any tips that has worked for you then I would love to know.

I have so many posts which I spoken about on my twitter a couple of months back, I have around 3 holiday destinations that breaking it down is well over 30 posts which I’m trying to work out how I’m going to shorten it so that it’s not so many posts but its been super hard to do as there’s so many pictures to pick from. I have so many life updates posts to write for you about whats going on as well as more of talking posts that I’m bringing back. Quite a few beauty posts of products I been enjoying and products that I haven’t as well as food and health posts that will come around September time.

I know this is a pretty long posts but its been a while since I sat down and I actually spent it writing that everything just came out and I quiet enjoyed it. I will be coming up with a new schedule for August but for the remaining days in July there will be around 3 to 4 posts going up depending on how many I actually get written up.

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