March 9th 2015


On Saturday myself and the boyfriend decided to explore London just a little bit more, so this time we went to Tower Hill, I used to pass by there from university to get home to Oxford but I never explored out of the train stations.
I’ve got to see Tower Of London for the first time, to be honest I didn’t realise that I was so close from it and Tower Bridge while passing to go home if I knew I would of popped out the tube to go sightseeing. 
So glad that the weather was perfect, you can tell Spring is just around the corner.

If you keep walking you’ll see Tower Bridge picking through, I’ve passed by it on the boat but never been close by to see it clearly.

We ended up deciding to go inside Tower Bridge and check it out, it was interesting seeing the history to the bridge and how it came about, and also getting to see the view from the top of the bridge (above picture) and going on the glass floor which was exciting, to be honest I thought it was going to be much higher than expected but it wasn’t so bad. 

Wearing everything from New Look.
I feels like since I’ve moved within the past 2 weeks I’ve seen and done more in London than I have in my entire time of Living in England. 
Have you check out the glass floor in Tower Bridge?

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