October 28th 2016

Summer Wedding

I love a good wedding, its when everyone comes together to celebrate the start of a new journey in a couples life, where you get to share those memories together with them.
The day after my birthday I spent it at the boyfriends cousins beautiful registry wedding, I have never been behind the scene of the wedding, by that I mean being at the brides (or grooms) house before church seeing everyone getting ready and prepared for the day, I will usually be waiting at the church, so it was a great experience and honour to be part of it all.
It was also the first wedding I have gone to without my parents or my own family, so I was a little nerves being on my own even though I really wasn’t since I the lovely boyfriend and his family around, it was such a beautiful day and we got to find out the gender of their unborn baby boy which was exciting.
One thing I found hard about weddings is finding something wear, its so hard to pick something to wear for a wedding, I had no idea what you wore to a registry, if anyone was going full out like a proper wedding or just normal not too much out there, the last time I went to a registry wedding I was a 11 year old child so I didn’t have to pick out my outfit then, I pretty much spent a whole week finding the right outfit, luckily I found this cute Coral playsuit from Miss Selfridge, then trying to find a blazer was tough luckily I found this floral waterfall blazer from New Look, and for the shoe I wore and open toe heeled sandal from Missguided, I do wish I had gotten a brown bag but I did’t have time to get one but hey still looked okay, trying to find a tie to match my playsuit was tough we managed to find a salmony shade that made do.


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