September 14th 2018

Stila Cosmetics Haul

Stila Cosmetics Haul

While I was in Westfield in London meeting a friend I managed to walk into Indulge Beauty, I don’t think I have ever heard of that store which is why I walked in (having no plans to buy). At first I started out browsing the store then I stubble across Stila makeup and that’s when I ended up testing everything I saw.

I ended up buying 5 things from Stila which one was a gift for my friend and the rest where things I wanted to give a try, specially since I never tried anything from Stila before.

Stila Cosmetics Haul Stila Cosmetics Haul

I got Stay All Day Bronzer for face and body in the shade Light. This by far is my favourite product, I have used this for 5 months (I know a little late at posting this) and it still doesn’t seem like I have used it as much. Great value for money, you can build on top if you wanted more pigment and its easy to blend. £28 on stila website.

The Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in the shade Kitten this is such a different highlighter and the best I have ever used, it has a bouncy to the touch feel to it. Glides beautifully on the skin giving a natural glow to the skin. £28

Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow in the shade Smoldering Satin. I don’t normally wear eyeshadows even though I buy so many eyeshadow palettes, honestly I’ve used this product around 3 times. The colour does end up rubbing off leaving a silver glitter pigment on the eyelid. I will use it more when I have some where nice to go as I feel fancy wearing a glitter I look on my everyday duty’s. £23

I’ve been wanting to try out a brown shade lipstick for so long, mainly because of the Kylie Lipsticks that I thought it would be so cool to find one similar to her True Brown and give a try specially as its more of a different shade that I normally Wear. So I decided to try out Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in the shade Biscotti, the shade is a little bit lighter than I thought but I stilled liked how pigmented it is and goes on smoothly it does have a similar consistency to the Kylie’s one and it has a strong smell of Vanilla cupcakes but you soon get used to the smell. It does last all day and I will be buying more shades again. £16

I did take only 1 photo of the swatches but I didn’t realise it was blur till I was out of the house and I couldn’t take another photo but you can still kinda tell the shades.

All the products are affordable I found if you are buying one product specially since it will last you a long time. I already have a few products in mind that I want to buy.

Have you tried any of the stila products? Which one is your favourite?


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