June 5th 2019

Southend-On-Sea Day Out

While Nelson’s mum was visiting us we decided to take a day trip and take her to Southend-On-Sea, she hadn’t been in a long time and wanting to go again and of course I haven’t been since I had left university and it would be nice to go back and create more memories.

We took the train down from Stratford to Southend, it took us just over an hour to get there. It was so nice to be back and reliving university days moments and showing them around, we also got super lucky with how hot it was it made the day even more perfect.

We decided on going down the pier since they both hadn’t been before plus they didn’t realise how far it was until they got passed the gate and saw what they got them selves in. After the pier we headed down the bay to find a place to eat some chips (as you do by the beach). Before we started to make our way home we went inside the arcade and played a bunch of games and winning over 400 tickets and I still managed to find 1 more pack that had 40 ticket in my pocket.

I made a small bucket list for Summer that I wanted to actually do, visit a couple more beach towns in the UK, Visit a theme park and much more. May do a post on my Bucket List for Summer.

What plans do you have for this Summer?

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