March 18th 2019

Sightseeing around Madeira

Finally writing my last post of my Summer trip to Madeira, if you haven’t already check out part 1 & part 2. With todays is show casing some more photos from 3-4 days that reminded of the holiday put into 1 post.

First stop we went to visit was Ribeiro Frío Balcóes, we’ve been wanting to go here for a while but last time we had plan on going it was very cloudy and I knew that we wasn’t going to get a view but as the weather was actually nice we took the opportunity in visiting and honestly we wasn’t disappointed.

You do have to walk a lavada style walk to get to the viewpoint which is cool.

The following day we woke up and decided to go down to Cristo Rei, from there we decided to drive the car down to the beach area, which you can go by walking, car or cable car.

Cristo Rei, Garajau is known for its beach and of course Cristo Rei

From Garajau we headed down to Funchal, where we visited Quinta Vigia the official Residence of the President of the Regional Government of Madeira from 1984.

The Residence offers panoramic views over the harbour and harmoniously combines massive palm tress, many specimens of indigenous flora a well as introduced plants and exotic birds in its gardens.

While we was waiting for Nelsons mum in Lido, Funchal we decided to walk around Lido Beach which I’ve never been to before and it was nice to have a stroll around the black sand beach.

On our last day we took my mother in law to Caniçal, we visited the viewpoint of Ponta do Rosto. Amazing views of the north and south coast of Madeira Island. If you are lucky on a sunny day you’ll be able to see Porto Santo Island in the distance.

After Caniçal we headed to Porto da Cruz, best known for its wine. From there headed to Santana to eat.

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