July 29th 2018

Sea Shells and Starfish | Crete Day 4

Sea Shells and Starfish

We spent our last morning in Crete by the hotel pool with beach view while we was having our breakfast. We finished packing our suitcases and getting everything ready before checking out of our hotel. We had over several hours before our flight so we had time to do some exploring of the port area in Chania.

Sea Shells and Starfish

Outfit: Coat from New Look, Top from River Island, Trousers from River Island and shoes from Primark.

Sea Shells and Starfish

We drove past the port a couple times but never stopped to see it, I liked the colourful buildings and restaurants by the bay. The architecture it reminded me a lot of Barcelona.

Sea Shells and Starfish Sea Shells and StarfishSea Shells and Starfish Sea Shells and Starfish

While we was strolling around we notice a boat that did an hour sea life tour and you get a view of the Chania. Once we got to the location the captain jumped into the ocean and found a starfish and shells for everyone to see and tough. Due to the weather not being great we didn’t get to see any other sea creatures other than fishes but the whole experience was fun.

Sea Shells and StarfishSea Shells and StarfishSea Shells and Starfish

Once we got back to the port, our plan was to head to the lighthouse but that quickly changed when it started to pour down. Our only solution was to grab something to eat till the rain passed. We ate one of the restaurants that had the view of the ocean and lighthouse, I had carbonara and I think the boyfriend had some sort of fish.

Sea Shells and Starfish Sea Shells and Starfish Sea Shells and Starfish

After eating we walked around checking out shops and the quirky streets. We decided to have a drive around other parts of Chania where we came across this massive yellow sand beach, sadly I don’t remember the name of the beach but its Chania you can’t pretty much find a beach everywhere.

We didn’t have anything else do and we pretty much felt exhausted that we headed to the airport and chilled there till we had to catch our flight back home.

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