July 25th 2018

Samariá Gorge | Crete Day 2

Samariá Gorge | Crete Day 2

For our second day we was torn between going to the beach or going for a drive until we find something interesting to do, as we went to the beach the day before we thought we would do the drive and explore.

We decided to check out one of Crete touristic post, the Samariá Gorge, Here is the back story, Samaria Gorge is a Samariá National Park, in western Crete, Greece. A trail runs along the gorge from the Xylóskalo trailhead, in the White Mountains, to the seaside village of Agia Rouméli. It passes abandoned Samariá village and the 14th-century Osia Maria Church. The gorge is very narrow and flanked by cliffs at a passage known as the Iron Gates. The park protects the kri-kri, an endangered species of goat.

Samariá Gorge | Crete Day 2Samariá Gorge | Crete Day 2Samariá Gorge | Crete Day 2Samariá Gorge | Crete Day 2Samariá Gorge | Crete Day 2Samariá Gorge | Crete Day 2Samariá Gorge | Crete Day 2Samariá Gorge | Crete Day 2Samariá Gorge | Crete Day 2

Drive from Chania took roughly 1 hour and 10 mins, at one point it felt like we kept driving and there was no end, all you saw was mounting followed by more mountings and the occasion of herd of sheeps.

Honestly we wasn’t prepared on what we was planning on doing when we got there, we thought it would be an easy hike but we was wrong, the trail is 1,250 meters and can take up to 6 to 8 hours to do. Because we went by car we knew that the hike would be short, we reached the first point where we a breath taking view of the mountings and we was already out of breath and couldn’t cope with the humidity as well we decided to go back towards the beginning where our car was.

If you are planning a trip to Samariá Gorge I suggest going by taxi or a tour bus as they drop you off and meet you at the bottom in the other village where you end up from the hike, which is a great way to actually do this hike, a lot of people who actually did the walk down and ended up coming back up warned us that it was tough to come back up and a majority was dying from the heat.

When I visit Crete again I will do this Hike and complete it, the photos I’ve seen are incredible and I’m so gutted I didn’t finish it and see everything from the hike.

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