January 13th 2015


I will admit and say I don’t really have anything from day 2, mainly because we didn’t get home till 7 in the morning which we ended up waking up around 3/4 in the afternoon, all we did was go to Nelson grans house to see the family, we mainly had that day for resting and recovering.
On the 3rd day (Friday) we went to Soa Vicente to put flowers at my grandmothers grave since it was a her birthday and she passed away last Summer, I always said I wanted to go for her birthday sadly she wasn’t there in person. After that we went to Garajau for some Pizza with the cousin and her kids. After Pizza myself and Nelson meet up with some family at Sona Velha for drinks in Venda Velha, great way to end the night. 

Check out Yesterdays post, Day 1. Thanks for reading x

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