September 20th 2018

Porto Santo Beach

Summer of 2017 was the summer I wanted to tick a few things of my bucket list. I already did sightseeing with dolphins which was pretty cool and the other thing I really wanted to go was Porto Santo and it was a challenge to actually book our tickets and go.

We had planned on going on a Monday with Nelson’s parents as it would be a bank holiday but it proved a challenge as the boat taking us back from Porto Santo wasn’t showing up on the system making it look like it was one way only so we had to change those plans, we tried again on another day booking it online but it wasn’t working and ended up asking for our Portuguese IDs which we was confused about so we decided to leave it and go to their offices in Funchal and try and book it from there which we managed to actually do.

Our boat left really early in the morning, we left Madeira while it was still dark and we managed to come back when it was dark again which was a weird feeling. The boat ride took around 2hours maybe a little bit more, it was long and tiring.

Once we got onto the island we had to get a bus from the port to where the actually beaches start, from there we walked 5 minutes till we found a nice spot with no one around us. Even though it wasn’t a sunny day it was still humid and warm although I do wish the sun was out as it got a bit cold in the shades. The tide does rise quiet early which meant you ended up having to find another spot quick before you get swapped away by the sea.

I recommend visiting Porto Santo if you are looking for a beach destination.

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