November 12th 2018

Paris in 6hrs

While planning our Summer Vacation and looking at different destinations that we could go to. We came up with the idea of going to Paris for a couple days which then turned into going for a day since we’ve heard so many people talking about ‘Day trips to Paris/France’ we thought why not do the same?

We got the Eurostar at 6:18am from King Cross, we arrived in Paris at 9:56am (Paris time). Our first spot was Sacré-Cœur (about photo). The view from the steps of the cathedral is breathtaking, you have a panoramic view of Paris from the step. Inside is even more incredible, I have never been inside a church that was that huge, with so many sections.

We then headed to Arc de Triomphe which was a 30-40 minute walk from Moulin Rouge, this was one of 2 places we really wanted to go, I didn’t expect it to be as big, we thought about visiting the museum but the queues where long and while we had a short a time we couldn’t really go.

We had a quick stop at McDonalds, you may be thinking why go McDonalds when you got so many nice French restaurant to go to, well we thought about it but we hadn’t eaten since breakfast and we just needed something quick. The staff in Mcdonalds where well dressed, felt very posh.

We walked another 45 minutes to Eiffel Tower, I remember having this feeling like we was close to the Eiffel Tower within seconds later we turned a corner and it was right there. That was when it hit that we was in Paris, it felt like a dream. We got tickets to go up the tower, where you see a 360 view of Paris, if you are scared of heights then I suggest going to the first level and see how you feel from there as it can get worse as you go up, specially with wind it does seem like it moves, but I do recommend visiting the top because the view is incredible.

Afterwards we headed towards the Louvre Pyramid, we was lucky that the sun started to come out whilst we walked through the park (which you will be able to tell from the following photos). We made a quick stop at Jardin Des Tuileries, as we hadn’t stopped and sat down since we ate we wanted to catch our breath and admire the views, we sat by the pond where we saw ducks skating on the frozen pond. We begun to walk towards Louvre Pyramid, I thought the outside of the pyramid would be bigger that what it was but once you went inside it was huge, that took us quiet a while to find the exit.

As it was getting close to catching our train to London, we decided to it a crepe in Le Nemours Paris, we then walked around Le Paris Royal, where we walked through the park and watched the sunset.

We spent a majority of time finding a place to eat, by the end of the night I really couldn’t walk any longer, we spent 6 hours walking around Paris and you can imagine how my feet and whole body felt once we arrived home, the next morning I couldn’t walk, it felt like I went to the gym the day before.

If you are planning on spending a day in Paris like I did, I recommend picking the spots you really want to visit, check which routes will be quicker and the route that will take you to each one after another without going all over the place. I do suggest wearing comfortable if you are planning on walking like we did because you will ache the next day.

I am so happy I finally got to make one of my dreams come true, visiting Paris has been on my bucket lists since my early teens and I can’t wait to go back again and see more of France.

3 responses to “Paris in 6hrs”

  1. Rachel Wuest says:

    Paris is one of my favorite places (so far)! I spent 5 days there and definitely wished I had more, but I’m impressed with all you fit in 6 hours!

    Rachel ||

  2. Jessica Lam says:

    Ahh Paris is on my bucket list of places to travel! These are all such beautiful photos, I’m glad you and your bf had fun! <3

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