April 21st 2019

New Years Trip to Madeira

For New Years, my parents and I decided on a week trip to Madeira, since my family haven’t been to Madeira for New Years it was only right for all of us to go. We haven’t been on a family holiday in 4 and a half years, all together so we need it.

We got super lucky with our flights, as we managed to get it for £72 each (there was 5 of us) normally it would cost us over £300 each but once we got lucky that tui was offering those flights we had to book them.

We arrived in Madeira on the 31st around 11am, we spent the afternoon buying grocery and seeing some family and getting ready to go to Miradouro Das Neves, São Gonçalo. Which is one of the top spots to watch the fireworks from, as you can see from the photos below we can see the whole of Funchal.

January 2nd | As it would off been my grandmothers birthday we decided to spend it in Sao Vicente which we normally do when we are in Madeira.

January 3rd | We decided to spend the day sightseeing. Our first stop was Pico dos Barcelos. From there we headed to Lido which is our lunch spot for when myself and Nelson go that we had to bring our family. The last stop of the day was Garajau.

Lido, Funchal.


January 4th | I think the last time I been to Pico do Arieiro was over 4 years ago on my first New Years trip to Madeira, last time it was so cold and cloudy you honestly couldn’t see anything so I was pretty happy to actually go when it was decent weather.

January 6th | As it was the only day we had with my parents and Nelson parents together we decided to go out sightsee. First stop was Ponta do Sol, then we drove to Ribeira Brava.

Our last stop and great one to end our day and holiday was watching the sunset in Paul Do Mar

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