January 12th 2015


Hows everyone been? Feels good to be back and writing again all though I’m still wishing I could be on holiday with the boyfriend still. If you read my new years post or follow me on twitter you’d know I’ve been on holiday to Madeira for the New Years, and now I’m back to reality. I thought I’d do daily posts of each day I was there so I can share some of my favourite pictures and times from my little holiday.
We got to Madeira, Portugal on the 31st around half 10 in the morning, it was a crazy day for my self and Nelson (boyfriend) we hadn’t slept all night so you can imagine how much of a zombie with both were the whole day, got to meet the parents and some of his and my family. We ended up getting ready for the night to watch the fireworks and for the night out. 

It was such a magical time watching the fireworks, I never experimented anything like it in my life, I think I will definitely consider of going again for New Years again. 
Not many pictures from the night since we was running around going places. Day two will be posted tomorrow. 
Thanks for reading.

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