September 4th 2018

Moving to a new Home

Moving to a new Home

At the beginning of August I did a post about ‘Why I moved out of London’ but I realised that I didn’t explain where I’ve moved to and why. As i’ve just moved into a new place again I thought I would do a ‘Moving Home Recap’ and actually share what’s been going on.

Back in May after 3 years of living in London and after 4 moves in that time we decided to move after our tenancy ended it would be the perfect time to move to my parents house to save some money and decide on where we wanted to live specially if we wanted to buy a house or rent again we could have time to think without worrying about bills.

In the last 4 months our plans kept changing, we managed to have a plan A,B,C and D, all different from each other. A was save and buy, B was save, rent in a new city then buy, C Move to Madeira and start fresh and lastly D, quick everything and travel.

After 4 months of going back and forward with all 4 options we decided to go with option B, rent in a new city then buy if we liked the area and we could wait for after Brexit to decide what will happen.

Moving to a new Home Moving to a new Home Moving to a new Home Moving to a new Home

Last Saturday myself and Nelson picked up the keys to our new rented flat in Hertfordshire. As I had to work that evening meant that our actual moving day was Sunday, we hired the same van that moved us out of our London flat and into my parents back in May.

The removal van arrived at 10AM on Sunday Morning, from there we loaded everything we pretty much owned and only left our wardrobe and spare bed frame at my parents since we are moving into a one bedroom flat we don’t have the space to have everything. We arrived in Hertfordshire at 12PM where we began bringing everything inside, we was lucky enough to have my parents and brother and Nelson’s mum with moving everything inside and try to organise things in its located area.

It also happened to be my brothers 21st birthday, where we had planned for some family members to meet us at Nandos in Hatfield Galleria shopping centre to celebrate his birthday then headed back to ours to sings Happy Birthday, where we also had uncle help with moving heavy furniture.

Monday to Wednesday was spent receiving delivery for a dinning table which we didn’t own one that 4 or more people could be dinning on and new sofas as the one we had before ended up sinking in the middle and it was time to get proper sofas. As I had to go back to my parents and work from Thursday onwards it meant I had 3 days to unpack and organise everything.

I was suppose to be back to posting on social media and new post from Thursday but the move took a toll on me and I was exhausted that I decided I would take a break and get back into it this week.

I am so grateful for our new little home, everything is perfect and so peaceful and it is such a different scenery from London. So much calmer, you can actually walk without people barging next to you. I will be doing Home Decor posts as well as cool home DIYs in the next couple of weeks.

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