June 3rd 2019

Morphee Haul and Review

It’s been a while since I last did a haul/review and in the last couple of months I bought a few products and I decided to do a review/haul on them. As you can guess from the tittle, I recently purchased a quite a few products from Morphee, when I say recently I actually mean roughly 6 months since I first bought a few items then roughly 3 months ago a few more bits where purchased, unplanned my I say.

We finally have Morphee in the UK which is awesome that US brand are actually coming into the UK stores saving us from shipping and custom costs, course I took advantage of this and may of gone a little overwhelmed with how much there was and wanting to get my hands on but luckily I managed to control myself.

Here is what I bought:

350 Natural Glow Eyeshadow Palette, Do I need another palette? No! But warm tones are my favourite and my weak buy when it comes to makeup. I have used this palette a few times, its a great size palette if your at home getting ready to go out but not so great in size if you want to take it with you as its big but honestly worth the buy. Very pigmented and long wear which is great if you going out or have an event it’ll last you. I did use the Eyelid Primer in Translucent that has helped with letting it stick on the eyelid without moving. Favourite shade Extra, Popular, So Fetch

For a while I been using eyebrow pencils, but for some time I been wanting to get back into creams as I find that its more of a softer look not as harsh as if it was a pencil. I decided to buy the Brow Cream in Java, I really like that its easy to work with, if you mess up you can easily brush it out or wipe it off. I would prop suggest using a brow gel to give more structure and avoid touching your eyebrows during the day as they do smudge or rub off when you do so. I also been using the brow brush M158 which I been really enjoying.

Come to realise that I don’t own a lot of blushes, I always find myself wearing a deep plum shade or a soft pink so when I saw the 8C Cool Pro Blush Palette with so many shades, going from a soft peach to a warm pink I knew it would come in useful specially for summer with the shimmer shades for a glowing look. I have actually used this as an eyeshadow alternative when I was on holiday and forgot my actual eye palette so it works great for that if you need a 2 in 1 product, maybe get an eye-primer to help set it all in.

When it comes to concealers I find it hard finding the right shades, my skin is very neutral, some day I can be more pink and other more yellow so trying to find the right one is difficult. I decided to try out the Fluidity Full-Coverage Concealer in the shade C2.45 a cool medium shade with pink undertones, honestly this shade worked perfectly for brightening the under eyes, given some high light on the skin. I also decided to get the shade C4.65 for contouring to try a cream version and honestly I been really liking the way this makes my skin have a natural shade (contour). I did notice that you need to be quick in blending as they dry down very quickly which is great as they won’t budge and will last on the skin all day which is great.

Another thing I have an obsessing and close to hoarder is my habit of buying lipsticks. I didn’t know why I got this, I think I got overwhelmed with the store that I just bought it. I bought the Matte Lipstick in Fling, I was torn in getting this shade or the Tempt but at the time I’ve been into pinks (most of my collection of lipstick is red tones). Fling is a nice warm mauve shade, perfect for any occasion. I really like how soft it is and easy to blend. Doesn’t feel super matte like most matte lipstick do this has more of a velvet feel to it I would say.

I also purchased a 2 new brushes, the M436 Mini Duo Blender I really like how quick it is to blend foundation in, I have notice streaking when the brush is too dirty (after 3 uses) so you do have to keep cleaning so it blends. The second brush is the M428 Deluxe Duo Fiber Shadow I been looking for a concealer brush for so long that was the right shape and easy to blend product in and I find that this does help with that but like the M436 brush it leave some streak that I do have to use a beauty blender to blend it all out.

The last product I bought is the Solid Brush Cleaner, Cocoa Butter. This smells amazing!. All you got to do is swirl your wet brush into soap to create a lather, and then rinse out, keep repeating if needed. This gets the brushes clean and feeling brand new. Quick to use so you don’t have to spend ages on the process of cleaning your brushes that makes it feel like a chore. I do have a negative bit about the product and that is when you swirl your dirty brush in it the dirt goes inside edges making it awkward to clean afterwards and it sticks. If you are a clean freak or someone that doesn’t like the idea of seeing dirty specially if its on something you bought to clean product its off putting.

Will I buy more products from Morphee? I don’t know if I would as I purchased everything I wanted to get, unless they come out with something amazing that’s worth the buy then yes. Morphee is an affordable brand and have great products so you won’t be disappointed.

Have you tried any of the Morphee products? And what are your thoughts?

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