March 4th 2019

Monte Palace Tropical Garden, | Madeira

One place we really wanted to visit in Madeira is Monte Palace Tropical Garden,, we either forgot to bring enough cash to pay for entrance or it would slip our minds, so we made it a mission to visit it this holiday.

Monte Palace Tropical Garden, opens to the public in 1991, it was put together by José Berardo. It includes one of the most important tile collections in Portugal, the tiles exhibited represent several ages all coming from palaces, churches, chapels and private houses throughout the former Portuguese empire and much more history held in Monte Palace for you to see.

I recommend visiting, you can spend a few hours admiring the garden and views of Funchal. I do suggest wearing comfortable footwear as there is 3 levels with steep paths and properly bring a bottle of water with you for when you walk back up (as it was a killer doing the walk back up with out water). There is many ways for you to access Monte Palace Tropical Garden via bus, cable car and taxi.

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