August 9th 2018

Madeira Travel Diary

Madeira Travel DiaryMadeira Travel Diary

Madeira is the number one travel destination I go to every year, I tend to go once or twice depending on what other holidays I have plan in the year and also depends on my boyfriends parents if they come or not. Honestly the most affordable holiday, mainly because we stay with family and we only spend money on food and flights.

Due to not being as active on social media for the past year I’ve had a lot of travel posts that needed to be posted and Madeira from Summer of 2017 is one of them and there is a lot of posts to come from it. There will be a new madeira post twice or more a week deepening on what other posts I have plan for that week.

Madeira Travel DiaryMadeira Travel DiaryMadeira Travel DiaryMadeira Travel DiaryMadeira Travel Diary

On the first day was spent with family, catching up and also enjoying the start of our holiday. After we landed we headed straight our family Venezuelan restaurant called Arepazo, located in Santa Cruz vila.

We spent the rest of the day grocery shopping for things we needed and then spent the rest of the day in Garajau with my boyfriends parents.

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