April 21st 2013

Last Weekend At The University Northampton

It’s really sad that I’m leaving Northampton University, I’ve had a great year, I’ve met some wonderful people who I’ll miss very much, I’m going to miss all the memories and the great laughters I had with everyone, specially my flat mates even though we had our little arguments we all still became great friends, I’m never going to forget the pranks that I pulled and the pranks that people done to me, I’ve learnt so much from, them they taught me how be confident in myself, how to have fun and not take my self too seriously. I love our weird and random conversations that even thinking about them right now still makes me laugh (laughing at the memories right now).
I’m so grateful to have the chance to study at the University of Northampton, its taught me so much and I learnt new things and helped me gain skills in making shoes and accessories which was fun even though at times I didn’t really enjoy it, I still appreciate learning new things (thats life for you).

Since it’s my last weekend as a student in Northampton, two of my flat mates and myself decided to go into town to get so much needed dinner at Wetherspoons, I ended up getting myself a dessert instead as I ate before making this plan, I had a brownie and ice cream dessert (It was that good I don’t remember what its called, apologies) while my flat mates had a Curry and Burger and Chips.
After that lovely meal, we headed of to find the fair that’s on in Northampton at the moment. All the rides are a pound each which is great when you’re a student and poor (sigh), It was a shame that it shut at ten (pm) which was a real shame because you couldn’t stay any later than that and have any fun, but we still managed to squish some fun in the little time we had while everything was closing up.

We ended up going two nights in a row to the fair as my flat mate really wanted to win a tiger which didn’t happen due to him losing all 3/4 rounds.

Well Deserve hot chocolate.

After the fair we stopped at ASDA to get some cream and marshmallows to go with our much need Hot Chocolate. 
I had such a great time this weekend with them, it’s strange how we all came to university on the same day and now we all leaving at different times and going our separate ways, it’s really nice that i’ll be keeping in touch with many people and knowing that they’ll be coming to visit me in South Essex is great. I just hope I have the best time in South Essex and meet great people like I have here.
I’m ready for a new begging in my life and ready to learn new things and just enjoy life as it comes.

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