January 5th 2019

Happy New Year

New Years Day | Oxford

This year I feel like it has flown by, it still feels like the beginning of the year wondering what 2018 will turn out as and let me tell you 2018 has been the year of moving in and out of places that I honestly so happy I found a nice home that I just don’t want to move for a while. As well as working none stop and trying to fit in holidays in between the madness. 

When I had my first blog I did a yearly highlight and I still go back to those old posts and enjoy reading them, so I thought I starting bringing them again, changing it up and doing highlights of every month (that I actually did things in) explaining them so that I can read them again in the future and remember it all. -link- to old blog 

Amsterdam 18


I had such a good start to the year, I had my uncle from Venezuela visit us bringing a little home to us all who are too far to be able to visit. We spent the month sightseeing around London and parts of the uk with him. 

As well as that myself and nelson got to visit Amsterdam for the very first for a day trip, as we did Paris a year ago we wanted to do another day trip but this time taking it easy -link to post-


As part of Nelsons birthday present (and only present from me that birthday) I decided to take him on a surprise trip to Madeira. Post yet to come.


Such a busy month. Planned my parents 25th wedding anniversary, which gave me an insight of what its like to plan a wedding and let me tell you a little stressful trying to get people to rsvp back but all in all it was such a beautiful day and special moment to be able to witness.

Myself and nelson also spent most weekends organising and packing our flat in London, we managed to be so organised this time around with moving, planning ahead of time. It also helped that we was moving in with my parents to safe some money while we decided on either renting or buying so it wasn’t as stressful.


Turned 25!! We celebrated my birthday in Madeira, don’t think I ever had my birthday their before if so I honestly don’t remember it. Also stayed in my first hotel in Madeira which was super cool. A post for that is to come.


We moved out of my parents and into a rented flat in Hertfordshire after falling in love with the quietness and the town. Went to Go Ape which was cool.


After 8 months I finally got my hands on a new MacBook since my old one broke. 

Went on a surprise trip to Barcelona where I got to see a childhood friend whom I haven’t seen in over 8 years. 


Christmas Month!!! Favourite time of the year.

Got a new job been busy working constantly.

Spending Christmas with nelsons parents for the first time in our new flat. 

Flying out to madeira with my parents to watch the fireworks for their first time which I’m excited for.

I’m actually excited to see what 2019 will bring. I have to many goals for my blog, bringing new content and actually be back to blogging regularly as I know this year I been slacking a little due to no laptop for months and working constantly. 

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