June 29th 2018

Guide on Santorini | Visiting the Island on a budget

Guide on Santorini | Visiting the Island on a budget

When seeing photos of Santorini the initial thought that goes on everyones head is that it must be an expensive island to visit and how can anyone on a budget manage to visit this gorgeous island well let me tell you I thought the exact same thing and you would be surprised that you can visit this beautiful Island on a tight budget.

When myself and the boyfriend where planning on visiting Santorini, we didn’t have much money to our name, we was both fairly new at renting in London and myself working in retail meant income wasn’t amazing, which meant travelling was thought to do.


It took us weeks of research, comparing prices on hotels and travel expenses. Great places to do your research are TripAdvisor, Google, Travel blogs and Booking. This websites will help you on deciding on what type of holiday you are looking for, if its romantic, on a budget, family holiday, they have everything you need.

When to visit?

If you speak to people who have been to Santorini or are from there they will tell you to avoid the high seasons, end of June till the end of September, the high seasons is the period where it’s the most busiest and extremely hot as well as it being expensive.

We visited Santorini in May where it’s considered as mid-season, meaning the weather is warm enough to wear t-shirts and shorts and still perfect to go swimming at the beach. It can get cloudy and windy at times but don’t let that put you off from going mid seasons.

Guide on Santorini | Visiting the Island on a budget

Where to stay?

We stayed for 2 days in Alti Suites –link-, they have a great option on prices from when its more affordable to when its more expensive to stay, which is a great option if you are on a budget. What we loved about this hotel was the amazing view of the volcano and Oia, and the relaxing feel with its private pools.

For day 3 to 4 we stayed one night in Gabbiano Apartments in Oia, it was a little bit pricey specially since it’s in Oia but for one night it was worth the stay. The apartment was situated right on the heart of Oia, breath-taking views of Oia as well as the view of the ocean.

The further away from the capital Fira or Oia the cheaper it gets, as a lot of people tend to go to the popular areas. Also recommend either staying at an all-inclusive holiday, where they serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner, saving you money instead of eating out all the time or you could get an apartment and cook your own meals a cheaper option that we did on the last night in Santorini

How long to visit?

We did Santorini in 4 days and honestly we felt like it was enough time to see the whole island. You can go from one end of the island to the other in 45 minutes, thats how small the island is. We managed to do so much in those 4 days, we drove around the island sightseeing so many spots, we managed to chill by the pool as well as watching sunset in Oia.

Things to do?

I did write a posts on what to do in Santorini if you want to check that out -link-. I pin point all the places you should see when in Santorini and what you should be doing.

We spent roughly £700 each, I know that is quiet a lot of money to spend if you are on a budget but it’s fairly reasonable from the dates we did go, we did go out to eat often so our money was mainly spent on food and last-minute hiring of a car.

Have you been to Santorini, what did you love about it?

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