September 13th 2018

Getting my ears pierced after 20 years

Getting my ears pierced after 20 years

When I was around 5 or 6 years old playing in my living room and touching my ear that I notice it being split into 2 (the earlobe where the earring goes), I’m not 100% sure if it was me at home while playing with my earring I may have pulled it or that same day in school playing with an old doll that had scruffy hair got stuck in my earning and it pulled. The crazy thing is that it didn’t bleed nor hurt at all so I didn’t even notice.

Throughout the years I never effected me, I used to hide it from people but once I got into my teens I wouldn’t hide them, I did get people staring at it while talking to me but it didn’t bother me.

So after almost 20 years it was about time to get my left ear repierced and make a new hole in my right (where the split is). I popped into Claires to get them done, the lady that worked that managed to the right as close as she could to be able to balance and match the left side when wearing earrings so there’s no difference.

I am thinking in the future to get my ear sewed up where it will look like a normal earlobe but I’m not bothered with it, I’m quiet happy to leave it as is, its became a part of me.

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