Getting back into Social Media


For the past year I’ve noticed that I haven’t been bothered to posts on social media as much as I used to do, I honestly think its down to worrying that my photos aren’t good enough, always changing my theme around because it doesn’t go or some photos look completely different that I end up deleting everything and starting over and its gotten to a point where I currently have over a thousands photos that need to be published and I just haven’t gotten around to it.

I catch myself in many occasion deleting photos, uploading them and deleting them again, I start to think that the theme I’m using isn’t good enough and I begin not to like them, it also doesn’t help that I have over four photo editing apps on my phone and all have completely different themes and what is worse is that I  like every single one and its gets so hard to pick one. I have come to realise that every photo is different and themes look completely different in each one.

One of my main goals right now is pushing myself to blog and start posting on social media and enjoy it all again, not worry about what other people may think or worry about my photos not being as good as most.


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