January 19th 2015


We drove down to Cristo Rei by night and I suggested we’d go down and check it out by day and I wasn’t disappointed, its such a nice place and the views were great, Cristo Rei is a small copy of the original in Rio, Brazil. You can walk further down some step to see different view point, walking back from those step is a killer I actually felt like I was having a heartattack walking back up to Cristo Rei but I enjoyed the views. 

After Cristo Rei we headed to Funchal, we had been in Funchal by night meeting family and going on drives, we decided to go for a nice little trip.

It was nice to see the sun set in beautiful Funchal, we met up with Nelsons cousin to go back to Porto Cruz since some of his family where leaving the next day to go back home, we spent the rest of the day with his family. 
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