September 27th 2018

Caniçal & Last Day in Madeira

For the final weekend in Madeira we spent it by going to Caniçal on Friday morning to sightsee, we wasn’t sure if we wanted to do a hike or just a quick stop but as we got there and everyone tired from 2 weeks of constant walking we just couldn’t do it.

I always managed to go Caniçal when it’s cold and windy and trying to get a photo of yourself with the view for the background is impossible.


After Caniçal we headed to Santana to take some photos from the viewpoint where they had traditional Sanata homes for tourist to see.

Our night was spent in Sao Vicente town party, which if you aren’t aware of Madeira is know for its town party’s across the Island and Sao Vicente is the one that goes big to celebrate end of the party.

If you are in Madeira for August I recommend visiting the different party’s each town is hosting specially the end of August one hosted by Sao Vicente which is where everyone goes to.

The rest of the weekend we celebrated my brothers birthday with family, then we catched an early flight the next day back to England.

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