August 13th 2018

Buying Makeup from Ebay

Buying Makeup from Ebay

The only beauty related purchase I ever bought on Ebay has to be makeup brushes, when you are broke and have no money to afford good makeup brushes you go for the cheapest ones you kind find and honestly I have never been disappointed with the makeup brushes set I bought from Ebay.

I have heard so many people talking about their experience on buying makeup from Ebay, from good to bad and honestly buying makeup from Ebay sounds like the worst mistake anyone can do, you have no idea if the makeup is legit or fake. You could be putting dangerous chemicals on your face from buying cheap knock off makeup from it and I get that majority of people can’t afford the real deal but at the same time you really want to take the risk with dodgy makeup?

Of course I had to try it for myself and see what I have ordered is fake or the real thing, I think it would help if I had the original real products to compare but I don’t so I’m going with the instincts of the products.

I bought all products on the same day back in January and even though it said the seller of the item was located in the UK it some of the products took over a week or more to arrive.Buying Makeup from Ebay

Too Faced :

Buying Makeup from Ebay Buying Makeup from Ebay

Matte Melted Long Wear Lipstick £7.59 each

I was going to get it in the shade Lady Balls which I’ve been wanting to find a deem dark berry shade but the seller was sold out of it so I decided to get to completely different shades, Feeling’ myself and Sell Out.

Feeling’ Myself is more of a coral pink and Sell Out is more of a Dark purple mixed with a brown. When swashing it on my hand it honestly looks like the real deal, goes on well and they are full coverage. It has a peach sent and I’m not 100% sure if all Too Faced products do since I don’t own any.

I have tried it on my lips a bunch of times and I haven’t had any problems with it and I’ve left it on my hands for a few hours and nothing happened so I think someone got it has a gift or never used it and wanted to get rid of it.

Buying Makeup from Ebay

Papa Don’t Peach, Blush £7.25

I would say out of all the products I think this 100% real, it smells like peaches and its super pigmented so a small amount does go a long way. It’s a gorgeous peach shade with tint of gold shine to it.


Buying Makeup from Ebay

Tartelette in Bloom, eyeshadow palette. £8.66

Out of everything this has to be the most faked product ever. The packaging made of card not like the real copper palette the original comes in. The shades are powdery and patchy when applied to the eyelids, not great at blending. Packaging came all scratched.

I knew before buying that this would be a knock of but I wanted to get it more to use in backgrounds of photos.

Buying Makeup from Ebay

Shape Tape Concealer in Light Sand. £7.99

Ever since I figured out what scent this concealer had I got put off after a couple of tries. If you remember those wet face paint you would use when you was a child that felt cold and sticky on the skin, well that’s the scent for this concealer. Packaging looks real but after swatching you can tell it’s not, it just sits on the skin and it has a wet consistency.

I spent £39.08 buying all this product of Ebay, if I wear to buy the real products it would of cost me £111 in total. Honestly I don’t recommend buying makeup from Ebay as 90% of the time you are getting knock offs and its better to buy the real thing as you know that they won’t cause any damage to your skin and you know where they come from. I will only be using the Too Faced blush out of all this products as I feel like that was the real one but the rest I will only use for background on blog photos.

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