June 1st 2018

Being me & not trying to be like everyone else.

Being me & not trying to be like everyone else.

Hey welcome to my corner of the internet.

For some time now I been unhappy with my blog and the content I was putting out, I found myself trying to fit into the ‘blogosphere world’ that I ended up losing my self in it. I was trying to be like every blogger out there for all the wrong reasons that it got to a point where I needed to take time out, take my blog down and concentrate on what I wanted to do.

I started blogging back in 2013, I needed somewhere where I could escape to and just write about my day and the things that I was passionate while trying to figure life out. Throughout the years my blog has been all over the place, it got to a point where I felt a pressure to be like the ‘big bloggers‘ out there otherwise I was worthless, I was writing about things that would be relevant to other people rather than doing it for myself and that started to show.

It took me a long time to realise that I don’t have to be like everyone else to fit in but to be me and do what I like doing best which is sharing my thoughts and trying to help people with my experience.

I will be bring more personal posts, trying to be an adult and doing adult things like buying a house, starting a family and everything else that comes with being an adult. I will also be bring more in-depth travelling posts, everything from research to planning and booking to the actual travel which I find that theres not much information out there about it other than pretty pictures. I will be including products that I been enjoying to products that are not worth the hype.

I will be posting every other day on this blog, so expect new content thats to come.

2 responses to “Being me & not trying to be like everyone else.”

  1. Fads A says:

    Being authentic is truly important in this community. The best we can do is be ourselves and do our best. I love genuine people and I feel like you are one of them. Just do what makes you happy! 💕

    T H E Ä S T R O N

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