January 9th 2014

Back At University

I’m back at University, and I come back to what will be a stressful 2 weeks due to deadlines next week. I can’t believe first semester is already over, really wish it was still freshers week when we had no worry in the world. 

Was so happy to be back in the flat with the girls, its like having sisters, we’ve gotten so close in the small amount of time (3 months). I don’t know what it is but when I’m at university I get home sick and I want to go home and see the family but once I’m there I want to come back here where I have my own space and I end up missing everyone here, wish I could have both in one place (one day I will).  Anyways enough of me blabbing away about University. 
I’m afraid I won’t be posting anything this week until the end of next week when everything is back to normality, unless I have time over the weekend otherwise its until next weekend sadly. There will be a lot of posts I’d like to share with you, but that all takes time that I don’t have (Sad crying face). But in the mean time you can always check my previous posts.
Hope you all are having a great week so far and also doing good. 

Toodles x

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