May 3rd 2013

Adventures in Oxford

Since it was a nice sunny day, I decided to go and meet some friends in town for a nice catch up and do some exploring in Oxford. After a nice meal we decided to go for a walk around town when Hannan and Nicola found this huge park, it was really nice and quiet, a place where people would go for walks/jogs. Its peaceful which was really nice.
But thanks to both Hannan and Nicola we all some how got lost and couldn’t find the exit to get back into town so we could go home, even though we got lost we still managed to find awesome buildings and rivers.

Over an hour of being lost, we asked some strangers for directions, we had the choice to either go the long way to the exit or a short cut, you could guess what we decided. 
I regret so much going through the short cut, because you had to some how walk through this small muddy river bit, and of course while everyone is crossing I some how fall through the mud luckily it was only my foot the got muddy. I still have no damn idea how it happen, but it did. I don’t think i’ll put the step by step pictures of it happening (yes theres pictures to proof it!) since I feel like this blog is long enough already. I some how laughed all the way through it, and even now I still laugh about it.

My OOTD Dress – New look / Blazer – New Look / Scarf – Primark
Even though I had a muddy foot, I still had a great day and had so much laughs.From now on if I’m meeting both Hannan and Nicola I decided that I have to bring spare shoes and wear shorts or leggings and prepare myself for long walks and getting lost with them.
I hope you guys enjoyed the post, sorry for it being long.

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