January 19th 2018

A Winter Wonderland

A Winter Wonderland

Hello Lovelies… Hope everyone has had a great weekend, I’ve been reminiscing when it snowed last month, wishing it could snow again. I’m properly the only one who enjoyed the snow and gets super excited when it does.

A Winter Wonderland

Last month I got woken up by a text from the boyfriend telling me it snowed in London and followed by my brother telling me it snowed we both got super excited and decided to head straight outside in our pjs and played around in the snow, as you can see from above picture I had a mix match clothing (not embarrassing at all).

A Winter WonderlandA Winter Wonderland

It was so nice, felt like a Winter Wonderland, so magical wish it could of snowed for Christmas. I may go away to a snowy place for Christmas one year just to tick of my bucket list.

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