January 16th 2015


On Sunday we had planned to go on a Lavada Walk at Lavada Do Castelejo in Porto Cruz, I’ve done a Lavada walk many years ago in Soa Vicente so it was nice to go again to another one.

Does anyone else see that the rock on the left looks like one of the Transformers robot?

It took us an hour and half to get to the end, it wasn’t tiring as it was all one level and you wasn’t going up or down which was nice, once we reached to the end we all relaxed and ate some snacks and joked about for a while, we walked back and took us an hour and half to get back.
Not much happened after the Lavada walk we all went back to relatives house to talk and eat, myself and Nelson went on a little drive afterwards, it was nice to spend some time together away from everyone. 
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