March 20th 2019

50 Post Ideas

I know the struggle of trying to come with new post ideas constantly, we all go through it.

I have learnt to note down all my post ideas that come to me wherever I am, so I know I don’t end up forgetting them. I either keep a notebook of all the posts I want to do or I keep it on my notes app on my phone.


  1. The Best Makeup Dupes
  2. Current Beauty Favourites
  3. Your weekend makeup routine
  4. Drugstore Favourite
  5. What’s in my makeup bag
  6. Holiday hair/makeup
  7. High-end Favourite
  8. My skincare Routine
  9. Most disappointing products
  10. Best nail care products


  1. My photography equipment for blogging
  2. How I balance work and blogging
  3. Why you started your blog
  4. What you’ve learnt from blogging. Give tips
  5. How you plan a blog content
  6. behind the scene with blogging
  7. 10 Best organising tips
  8. Learning how to switch off
  9. How to instantly improve your blog
  10. Tips on if your blog helped you get a job/meet important people in your life


  1. 10 Wardrobe Essentials
  2. 5 Ways to style a ‘top’ (or other piece of clothing)
  3. (Current season) Trends & Wishlist
  4. Day to night outfit
  5. Top 5 accesories
  6. Budget challenge – set yourself a goal of i.e £15 and see if you can buy a whole outfit
  7. Up and Coming Fashion Brands
  8. Favourite go to fashion blogs
  9. Showcase your favorite style staples
  10. Outfit of the day


  1. 5 Things I’ve learnt about blogging
  2. How I edit my Pictures
  3. Get to know me Tag
  4. Tips on how you stay motivated/inspired
  5. 5 of your biggest life goals and how you plan to achieve them (and when)
  6. Share your me-time must haves
  7. Show how you use your bullet journal
  8. Review your favorite book
  9. The best blogs to follow for style ( or travel, or beauty, or food, etc.) inspiration
  10. A home ware haul


  1. Best Spot to shoot in ‘Portugal’ (Insert another city)
  2. What to pack for a short break
  3. Long flight essentials
  4. Travel sized holiday products under 100ml for a city break
  5. What’s in my travel makeup bag
  6. Your top go-to travel apps/ budget websites
  7. A travel diary of your last holiday
  8. Where to eat/shop/stay in ‘Country Name’ 
  9. How to Start a travel blog
  10. 10 ways to save money on the road

Hope this blog post ideas will help you. I will do a follow up post on how to get organised, as well as the planning process with blogging that has helped me along the way to keep ideas flowing in the next couple of weeks, stay tune.

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